Database Conversion

We get a lot of inquiries from companies regarding database conversions. Many have their own internal IS Department but look to outsource the database conversion because it's not the most "exciting" development work today's programmers like to do.

While it may not be glamorous or fun, database conversion is still a job that needs to be done by all organizations. The professionals at DGCC.COM LLC recognize this and take pride in doing it well. Data needs to be converted many times over an organization's life time, as new applications and market forces require updated versions of data to make companies run more efficiently.

When do I need to do this?
If you're purchasing a new system or migrating to a new version of software, the older legacy systems need to have their data fed into the new system. Relational database systems that mandate data integrity need to have older, less stringent data "cleaned up"' before being put into the new database. Not only do we have years of experience in data clean-up, but we also fully understand the rules of having denormalized versus normalized data, thereby providing increased usefulness of the data.

How much is this going to cost?
There are a number of factors that would determine the amount of time (i.e. cost) of a particular conversion. Hopefully the legacy system has an export function by which you are able to export the data in ASCII format. (comma delimited, tab delimited, etc.)

Other factors we would need to know is whether the legacy system is a relational database or flat file, the number of records it currently has, and the integrity of the data. The process involves mapping the legacy database fields to the new, and then writing the scripts to do the conversion (our programmers usually do this in Visual Basic). These determinant factors make the cost of conversions vary. For further information, please contact us.


Database Clean Up

Database Cleanup can begin to become very "messy" due to typing errors, excess data from a long period of time, and from conversion of data from one application to another.

DGCC.COM LLC can help in making your database as clean as possible. What we mean by that is minimizing duplicates made by computer or human error, changing data to your specifications as they change, and any other kind of services you may need to maximize your businesses growth and potential.


Database Design

Each and every customer has specific needs when it comes to their databases. Databases are very personalized to their purpose, and therefore can range from simple search queries to complex Boolean operations to extract the desired information.

DGCC.COM LLC will survey your needs and program a custom database that best suits your needs. We will work with your current infrastructures and propose an overall solution.

Whether you are interested in a world wide web interface for your current databases or a stand alone application, we can customize a system for you.

Database construction covers a large area so please contact us with more specific information so that we can better serve you.



Documents can be tedious to type in one by one to place into a database or any file format. DGCC.COM LLC offer a wide range of scanning services in aiding clients with this problem they may face.

We can convert lists on paper to a database for your ease of use. It can save you time and money, as through a database, you can find the result you are searching for much quicker then looking up a list on paper.


Mailing Lists

Have you ever had a problem creating an efficient mailing list? We can help you become effective in mailing out things as we can convert the necessary data into a mailing list for you.

Whether it be converting a regular mailing list, or an email list, DGCC.COM LLC can help you achieve excellence.